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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Guilt Monster

So it was an interesting weekend--I guess. On Saturday I went to my chapter meeting and was asked to run for VP of Communications. To say I was surprised would be understating the matter. After thinking about it overnight, I said no and now I'm feeling hugely guilty.

The thing is I don't know how I could handle it. I know other published authors who work full time have, but I don't think I'd do half as well as they have. For one, I'm a slow writer and it takes me forever to get a book written. For another, I'm disorganized. I didn't used to be that way, once, many moons ago, I was overly organized. I don't know when I lost that and I don't know how to reclaim it. The final factor is that when I become overwhelmed, I get paralyzed. Literally, the only way I can function is to write a To Do List and focus on what I have to do that day.

Heck, when I'm pushing on a deadline, I might go three or four months without even attending a chapter meeting. I don't think board members can do that. And I keep thinking what would I do if some crisis hit in the final month before a deadline? Besides, would it be fair to the other members of the board? They handle other stuff, too, chair committees and what not. I couldn't do any of that, which would put a bigger burden on them.

I still feel guilty and I'm trying to convince myself not to feel that way. :-/

In other news, I saw the tail end of a show on The History Channel that was way cool! Something about the Bermuda Triangle being on the exact opposite side of the globe from the Dragon's Triangle. I missed most of the show and I'm sorry for that, but I didn't think there'd be anything interesting. I mean how many times can anyone hear about the missing training flight from Ft. Lauderdale? Besides, I haven't had a huge interest in the triangle since my days in grade school.

But they had some new stuff they shared and it was the kind of thing that had me thinking: I have got to use this in a book. Somehow. :-)

Maybe the ever-cooperative Ethan can deal with this in his story. (EG)