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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Laptop Fan Thing Review

I ordered a laptop fan thing recently after reading a discussion about them on one of my loops. You rest your laptop on top of it and it keeps the computer cooler. It's basically a thin, flat surface that houses two fans that blow air onto the bottom of the laptop.

Since my laptop does get hot on the bottom and since I do like to sit with it on my lap, this sounded like something I need. It arrived yesterday.

First thing that surprised me was how small and light the thing was. I expected something heftier and my laptop is bigger than the fan thing, making the balance of the two together seem a little off to me.

The second thing was that when I plugged it into the USB port, I didn't receive any kind of new equipment message. I thought it wasn't working so I unplugged it and replugged it a couple of times before I decided I wasn't going to get a message. I checked the fans, and sure enough, they were blowing cool air.

They had other models of these things, but I chose this one deliberately because its power comes through the USB connection. There were others that involved an electrical cord and I have enough of those to trip over without adding one more.

Overall, I liked the laptop fan thing. It did keep the laptop much cooler (I checked the bottom of it several times to check on it) and it kept the heat from my legs. It's quiet, so it didn't bother me when I worked on a couple of synopses last night and the light weight keeps it from feeling like a burden.

There was really only one thing about it I didn't like and that was the small size. I wish it had come larger to fit the bottom of the laptop. Maybe I'll get used to balancing it, but it just felt off last night. I think they kept it small for travel.

That's my review service for the day. Definitely worth it, but I wish I'd found a bigger size with a uSB hook up.

Cubs lost. Milwaukee won. Magic number remains 4.