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Monday, September 24, 2007

The New Garden and Baseball

Yesterday was the autumnal equinox--one of my least favorite days of the year. From here on out, the days will be shorter than the nights and it's a long way till the spring equinox where life begins to become beautiful once more. Yep, it was 84 degrees here on Sunday and I'm already whining about winter.

The magic number for my beloved Chicago Cubs is 4! The Cubs won yesterday and Atlanta beat Milwaukee, so it was a super fabulous day for baseball. The Brewers are now 3.5 games back. Yea! And that's what I did Sunday instead of writing. I flipped between the Cubs came and the Brewers game. The Brewers game was looking pretty grim, but then a miracle happened. Thank you, Atlanta. :-) Anyway, that's one really nice thing about not having a deadline; I could veg out yesterday and only feel slightly guilty. :-) Of course, it wasn't total lethargy. I did do laundry, but only because I had to.

I've mentioned adding a new garden to my yard. My dad blocked it all in and I'll have the stone done to match the tree ring (to the left in the picture) next spring. I have to have somewhere to put all the flower bulbs I ordered. :-)

That plastic cube in the foreground? The tree peony is inside there. It had to be protected from the vicious killer rabbit. :-) The new garden area looks a little bit like home plate, doesn't it? Not that I have baseball on the brain or anything. The original plan was to make a rectangle, then it became a triangle, and finally, home plate.

This shot was taken from my deck so the new bed will be facing the back of the house and I'll be able to enjoy it if I'm sitting outside or if I'm inside writing.