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Sunday, September 09, 2007

What's In a Name?

My hero without a name finally coughed up the information. It took a threat, though, on my part to get the information. I told him if he didn't share what his name was that I was calling him Immanuel, and since his last name is Kent, that would have made him Immanuel Kent, like the philosopher Immanuel Kant. My would-be hero was not amused, but I was. I told him if he didn't provide a name, I'd pick one for him and I liked the humor. It's amazing how quickly he came through then. :-) I even got the last name of his best buddy. Sometimes threats work.

His name is Ethan. The jerk had me looking in the R's when I was searching the baby name books. I can see already how much fun he's going to be to work with. Gah!