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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Insert Whatever Title You Like Here

I spent yesterday cleaning when I got home from work. On the plus side, it'll save me from having to clean this weekend. On the minus side, that's all I got done. No time to go through edits or work on anything else. Of course, I still have my edits strewn across the couch, so the house isn't perfect, but I'm not moving them for the vent sucker guys. It's bad enough that I had to put away all the other stuff I had set up for a project I was working on pre-edits.

Oh! Speaking of other projects, I think my Maori hero has a name. Actually, we've been dancing around this name for like two weeks, but I didn't like it. So when I started writing yesterday, I was convinced to use it just "temporarily" until I learned his "real" name. Damn man. I think he fooled me. I think this name is going to stick. I suppose I should stop complaining. At least he has a name--even if I don't like it. My heroine still won't share. We came close--I think--but that wasn't quite right and nothing else in the same area of the alphabet worked. I guess she'll continue to remain unnamed.

I stayed up too late last night watching baseball and I'm paying the price this morning. The coworker from hell didn't do much resembling work yesterday. Instead, he yapped all day, disturbing others, and even intruded into other people's conversations so he wouldn't actually have to do what he's being paid to do. The intern who sits next to me went home sick--hope he wasn't contagious. And it's still raining here. This is like 36 hours now or something. I need water wings.

I don't think I have anything else to say, which should tell you how exciting things were on Thursday.