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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Name Game...Redux

Remember when Logan put me through all kinds of trouble to come up with his surname? Remember how I said I was never complaining again about a character telling me his/her name because it made everything so much easier? Well, I'm being forced to go through this hell again--Hope won't share her last name. Grr. Okay, granted, I'm not doing anything right now that makes it needed and the important part was her first name, but I want to know. Besides, name does play a role in personality and she's a big enigma to me.

What's even more frustrating is that I read through what I wrote yesterday and it all pretty much sucks. Considering the sleep thing, and how the nap messed things up, it's not a huge surprise, but I was hoping that I wouldn't need to rewrite it all.

My other cross to bear is my Polynesian couple who still have no names, but who've started sharing scenarios. They're all similar, so I'm thinking the premise of the story is going to stick. I guess it'll just be a matter of what form it takes. The stories I'm seeing so far, though, aren't really workable as a book, but this is percolation stage and that's okay.

The stones were delivered for my new garden's retaining wall yesterday. It's amazing how much that stuff costs, but it'll look so nice when it's done. Of course, there'll be pictures. :-) I'm sure y'all have been sad for months without flower/garden shots posted here.

And because I can't resist whining about the weather....It was summer in Minnesota this last weekend. Temps were in the mid-80s and I was running around in short sleeves and still thinking it was hot. Tuesday it got cold. Way cold. I seriously wished I was wearing my winter jacket when I left work yesterday afternoon. It's 35 degrees with the wind chill and I think I'll be putting it on this morning when I leave the house. Brr! I even had to put socks on which I totally hate.