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Friday, October 26, 2007

Research and Recovery

Yesterday was the first day my knee felt almost normal since I torqued it last Saturday. It still went out a few times when I forgot to baby it, but I could mostly get around without pain. Huge improvement. So, of course, tomorrow I have to plant more than 100 bulbs in the garden. :-( Why do I have a feeling I'll be moaning and groaning again? It'll pay off next spring when the flowers bloom, I know that, but it's going to be tough to appreciate that when I'm hobbling again. Sigh.

I ordered a USB wireless thingy on Thursday. Yes, I'm sure that's the technical term. :-) I have a laptop without wireless capability, so I can plug it in, connect to my network, and update the thing. There were two offered on Woot yesterday (they were having a Woot-off), but both times it sold out before I could buy one, damn it. I checked eBay, but the fact that so many of the sellers were in Hong Kong made me a little uneasy. I decided to order from Best Buy instead and they had free shipping which always makes me happy. I loathe paying for shipping. :-)

A couple of DVDs that I ordered for research arrived, but I've been reading through copy edits (I'm on manuscript page 241 now) and haven't had the time to watch and pay attention to them. I have a few more on order. I also have a library book I need to read for research on another project. I'm not quite sure when I'm going to squeeze that in.

And last, but certainly not least, my dad patched the door seal today and there were no bugs on my foyer floor! Hurrah!