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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Retrograde Woes Continue

Yesterday morning my connectivity woes continued. I was able to access my high speed on my desktop, but when I went to my laptop, nothing. It offered me the choice of 4 wireless networks--none of which were mine. Some of those networks were so far away, there was hardly any green on the status bars, but it couldn't pick up the router 30 feet away.

Since I want all my email on my laptop computer, I had to use dial up to get it. Big sigh. At least I was able to do everything else on the desktop, but it was so frustrating. I rebooted the desktop before I left for work and hoped it would all work when I got home--just like it did on Monday--and sure enough, it did. This morning--so far so good.

It has to be that damn Mercury being in retrograde. I've never had this problem before, but shortly after this Mercury thing starts, it happens two days in a row? Normally, I don't have big retrograde issues and never anything with the computer--until now.

I finished copy edits. I think. The CE suggested I maybe add a thought to the end of the book. I tried that, but the problem is that I run on and don't know when to quit, and once I start explaining, I can go on forever. So I decided I better stick with what I have, although I'll keep it in mind and see if an epiphany doesn't strike before I have to mail it back. Anyway, I'm going to read through one more time and try to watch for repeated words. I have a little problem with that and I honestly don't see them no matter how closely I watch.

Monday I received my first magazine from the garden club I joined and one of the ads was for a red amaryllis. It looked so cool, much better than a poinsettia. Maybe that's because my mom always had at least one every year and so I think those plants are common and boring. But a red amaryllis.... Sigh. I'm so tempted, but it's a sissy flower and I'd have to keep it inside.