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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Joy of Writing--Or Something

So I tried to write yesterday using the name Isabel. Yes, the spelling changed from Monday's blog, but Isabelle didn't look right when I typed it in the story and I believe in going with instinct. Besides, I figured maybe that meant she was finally communicating with me.

I'm not sure if my problem came from lack of sleep or the fact that I'm still not 100% certain of the heroine's name, but I only got a couple of paragraphs written yesterday. Very disappointing, but Mondays have never been my best writing day of the week. I'll hope that's it and not the name thing because I'll confess I am heartily sick of the situation. I'd like to just tell her this is your name for the book, deal with it. The problem is that she'll make me pay later as I'm writing. It's okay, I'll get my revenge at some point, but in the meantime it just makes things more difficult for me, so I let her have her way.

Ah, the joys of writing.