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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Moving Day

Yesterday at the Evil Day Job (EDJ), my phone was moved to a new cube. Yes, it's real. I'm really getting a cube as far away from the coworker from hell as I can get and still be in my department! Yea! It's not foolproof because he's so loud and because he comes over to this area I'm in to chit chat, but it's better than being at ground zero. I'm hugely happy!

Of course, while my phone has been moved, my computer hasn't, and since most of my job is on the computer, I'll still have to spend time at my old cube until that comes over, too. So while I'm not completely free yet, I'm almost delirious with joy and two big pluses--I'm much closer to the printer and to the restrooms. :-)

In other news, for a little while last night I thought I had my heroine's name. I even emailed it to a writing buddy, all excited about it. Then as I laid in bed and tried to daydream the scene in her point of view, I realized it wasn't her name after all. Talk about agony. To go from elation to resignation in one fell swoop was not fun. Ah, well, the search goes on.