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Thursday, November 29, 2007

No Need To Yell "Fire" Last Night

Wednesday wasn't nearly as exciting as Tuesday. Thank goodness. :-)

I was able to see the A380--the really humongous plane from Airbus--again yesterday. It was parked right next to the hangars not that far from where I park my car. I was able to see it from nose to tail, and with the lighting on it, the plane looked way cool! It left today for Los Angeles and I was able to see it take off again, too. I got lucky both days on seeing it--somehow my timing on that was just perfect.

I had a surprise when I got home. As I went up the street, I hit the button for my garage door and turned in the driveway to see my dad standing there--and the door was going down. I was like, huh?

After a minute, the door opened again. It turns out that my dad and one of his lodge buddies were checking out my garage. You see, the electrician didn't put any switches for my garage lights inside the garage. Yep, I know. I never thought to look for them because who would put the only switches inside the house??? Anyway, my dad's friend can do electrical work and he was checking it out to add switches for me.

The story, however, doesn't end at 3:30 in the afternoon. About 7:15 or so last night, the phone rings. Now my parents have developed this awful habit of calling me constantly for nothing and I figured that's what this was, too. I was close. It was my dad, but it wasn't nothing. His lodge buddy was coming over in about 20 minutes to put a new bulb in my garage door opener. Of course this meant I had to pull the SUV out and give the thumbs up on the new bulb wattage. It turns out that the guy who installed the door put in a candelabra bulb instead of a real one. No wonder my garage was so dark!

My plan was to go to bed really early last night, but they were still out in the garage, actually doing stuff for adding switches. Finally, around 8:30, I was allowed to pull the car back in the garage and my dad said he'd lock up and shut off all the lights if I wanted to go to bed. I did.

So I'm almost asleep and the phone rings. It's my mom. She's looking for my dad because he has a couple of phone calls. Gah! Now she's developed an awful habit of no matter where Dad is or what he's doing, if that phone rings, she'll go and get him. What's up with that? He could be in their backyard, trimming hedges, and she'll leave the person sitting and walk all the way out to bring him in. I don't know how many times I've told her to just take a message instead of bothering him, but she won't. Last night this really bit me. Looks like I'll be having another conversation with them about calling my house whenever they feel like it for no good reason. Sigh.

I guess I should just be relieved that nothing resembling a crisis happened. :-)