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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Whoosh! Creative Wave

I was minding my own business yesterday, just standing in the restroom at the Evil Day Job and watching them do construction at the back end of the parking lot when boom! It happened. A new character came in and started talking to me. She gave me her name first--it's not her real one, but it's the one she's using now. You see, she's not human and she changes names from time to time. Then she started filling me in on herself and what she does. I made notes this time, not like with In the Midnight Hour where I relied on my memory. :-)

Do I have to mention that I'm suddenly much more interested in this new story than in my Polynesian h/h? I mean, come on, I'm still floundering with that story and have cut chapter one like three times now and started over again. Heck, if the prologue wasn't done and something I'm really happy with, I would have ditched this couple hours ago. What can I say? New ideas are always much more fascinating than the old.

I think I even have the information on this new heroine's hero. Maybe. No names for him yet, but I'm not worried about that since it's the women who I've been struggling with on that front. I'm also not sure how their romance would wrap up given their respective, um, situations. :-) But I want to spend more time with them, not fight with my current heroine. Sigh.

I blame Carolyn Jewel for this. Yes, Carolyn, you! This was the barest glimmer of an idea from months ago and something I hadn't planned to pursue, but clearly reading Carolyn's blog post about channeling characters brought Liza in. (Yes, God help me, she told me her name was Liza. Sigh. I suppose this is better than struggling to come up with a name, but honestly, do I sound like someone who'd write a Liza? Maybe she'll change her mind.... Well, I can hope, darn it!)

So how did Liza communicate with me? First person narrative. That's unusual for me, although not unheard of. At first I thought she wanted me to tell her story in first person, ::shudder:: but I think that was just how she was transmitting information to me because a little bit later I had the opening of the book in third person. Anyway, I started asking her questions and received a few answers--at least until women started entering the bathroom and disturbed my communion with my heroine. :-) That did it for the day, but I hope to reestablish the connection soon--even if it's my Tahitian heroine I need to have talking to me instead.