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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yes, It's Characters--Again

I'm completely moved into my new cube at work! Yea! It's already so much nicer than where I was sitting before, it's like a paradise. Well, okay, as close to paradise as I can get at the Evil Day Job (EDJ). The only drawback is it's going to be sneaking on the internet. :-( I have a little less privacy where I'm at now.

My issues with my heroine continue. It's so weird because she is talking to me. I know what kind of vehicle she drives, I know where she works, I know her family situation, I've even found a picture of what she looks like. In fact, she's been more forthcoming about details than a lot of my characters have been. Except for one critical piece of information--her name. Yep, the saga goes on. And on and on. Sigh.

I guess the argument could be made that with everything I know about her and with the fact that I have a picture, that I should know enough to start writing scenes from her point of view. After all, what's in a name? For me, I guess, quite a lot. It provides nuances into the character, just like the picture does and I think those shades are important.

I've had a few people emailing me name suggestions and I've liked a few of them so I'm going to try them out in my head and see how it goes. At this point, I'm getting pretty desperate. The prologue is written, I've tinkered with it, now it is time to move forward.

I'm beginning to feel like an echo, constantly talking about this, but this is my writing news right now. I've never, ever been in this situation before. I've always had characters volunteering their names. I've toyed with the idea that maybe it isn't time to write this book, but I think it is--both characters are talking, both of them are showing me future scenes and that doesn't happen if it's not the right time.

And the beat goes on.....