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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Family Matters

The only Christmas gift I asked for--well, aside from socks--was a cordless phone with two handsets, so I could have one in the spare bedroom and one in the great room. I got what I asked for and Wednesday's task was to try to hook them up. I attempted it on Christmas night, but it seemed like an awful darn lot to do beyond charging the batteries and plugging them in. So my dad came over and helped. The man can't operate a computer, but he's Rain Man with the telephone. ;-)

I'd left the phones to charge overnight, so the batteries were all ready to go. We plugged things in and set them up and all looked right--except the caller ID wasn't working on one of the handsets. It would work when it was resting in its own cradle, but not when it was out, which pretty much defeated why I wanted it to begin with. After much testing, however, we were able to get it running. Yea! And it has a few choices for customizable rings, so I've got the theme from the movie The Sting on my new phones.

I tried valiantly to order more bulbs on Wednesday, too, but the website wouldn't accept my coupon--I don't know why--and I was not leaving my coupon unused, darn it. I guess I saved myself some money and some labor since I don't have those bulbs coming in the spring.

And in writing news, I'm still going through the galley for In Twilight's Shadow. I'm really nervous because I'm not finding much to correct and that has to mean I'm missing things. I hate any kind of mistakes in my books, but I'm not going to have time to run through it a third time. Eek!

Finally, Logan and I have been talking for the last week or so. I like him. Last night he introduced me to his mother and his oldest sister. He and his twin are first borns, then came his three sisters. I knew one of them was a troubleshooter and it turns out she's the oldest of the three. His next sister wasn't at his parents' house for the barbecue. She's in college and was studying for finals. (The story opens in May, I think.) His youngest sister is about to graduate from high school.

Then, of course, there's Kel, Logan's brother. I've been getting stuff on Kel for months off and on, but I found his sister (who's name I don't know yet) very interesting. She's only 24, but she's got this calm, assertive energy. Logan's closest to Kel, but he's also very close with this sister--maybe because they're the most alike of the siblings as far as temperament goes (probably). Anyway, it's been interesting and I'm getting excited to start writing the new book. I just need to finish this galley.