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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Talk

A couple of weeks ago, my dad was over at my house and working on a project. This is when he commented that it would be nice if I had a sink in my basement--and since I'd have a plumber coming over anyway, I might as well put in a toilet and a shower down there, too. (He's really good about spending my money. :-)

But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. And I'd want to sheet rock the room off so that it was an enclosed space, which means I'd need a light in there and a door. So I hopped online last night and checked out sinks. Because it'll be a small room, I wanted a pedestal sink and I found one I really liked--for $650. There are sinks that are much cheaper than that, so I might end up with one I don't like as well if I do this. That's still very much up in the air. It's nice to dream about, though.

It ended up being a topic of discussion at Christmas. The holiday was mostly nice for my family--I hope it was for yours as well.

The thing that kept it from being completely nice was the digital camera I gave my parents. I bought them the same brand I have (although theirs is a new, more advanced model) and I thought it would be set up the same way with a nice cradle for the camera. That way they could just grab it and take pictures whenever they wanted. Instead, the new version of the camera requires that the battery be yanked out and put into a recharger, which isn't nearly as convenient or as simple as mine.

The camera also arrived without a memory card. I was irritated by that until I read the instructions and found out it has some built in memory, so that some pictures could be taken. Now I'll have to go out and find a 2GB card for my parents. Then they won't have to worry about running out of space before I can upload the pictures onto the computer for them.
Other than that (and the snow that still hasn't stopped) it was a good day. The only thing I wanted was a cordless phone and I got that. Setting it up is today's project--when I get home from the Evil Day Job (EDJ).

Hope your holiday was as nice!