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Monday, December 31, 2007

Redesign Work

I'm behind everywhere--again. I have email to answer, comments to reply to, I didn't even blog over the weekend, but while I've been around, I've been busy. Friday night I decided to redo my website. Now is the perfect time since I don't have to start the new book until Jan 2nd (although I'd like to start tomorrow).

This wasn't quite a spur of the moment decision. I've been unhappy with my site for a while. I even picked out a web designer--finally--to do my site for me, but the waiting list is into 2009. I tried to be patient, but I couldn't do it, and I've been working on it all weekend. In between bouts of cleaning. I didn't get to start it until Saturday evening and then it was heavy graphics work. I'm not very good at graphics, so everything needs to be simple. And it was--except that I forgot how to do gradients, and when I found instructions, I wanted to groan at how easy it was. How did that slip through my memory?

I want to shoot for a January 1st unveiling, but I have a lot of pages left unfinished. As of last night, I still had most of my books to do. Because I'm using a style sheet, it's going faster than it would if I had to create each page, but all the text has to be redone. Not rewritten, but since I'm trying not to use any tables, it all has to be situated in a different way.

It's been time consuming and I'm supposed to be cleaning! I have company coming next weekend. I did get a fair amount done, but let's face it, a new website is much more interesting than household chores. :-) Although I'm pretty darn impressed when I walk into the office and see all that open desk space. It won't last.

Anyway, I'll make an announcement when the new site is up and running. ::fingers crossed:: Hopefully, on New Year's Day, but that means a lot of intensive work tonight.