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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The WIP (Work in Progress) is the third in the Light Warriors series and that means continuity is on my mind. In fact, it's a major issue at the start of the book. The first instance where this comes up is that the creature Logan's fighting is mentioned in Twilight's Shadow. It was a one line throwaway on who/what it is, so I'm clear there and can do pretty much whatever I need to do.

However, the second flare up isn't that simple. There is the council chambers and anteroom. They were not only mentioned in Twilight's Shadow, they were described in some detail. Normally, I like to find a picture of a room and use it as guide. That way I don't get details wrong and it doesn't require that I reread previous books. This time, though, I had a clear image of what these rooms looked like and I didn't bother searching for any visual representation. I'm paying the price now. I think I've had my finished book file open as many times as the WIP files and I'm still not finished with the scene.