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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Website!

It's official; the new website is up and functional! Yea! There's still some work to be done. One of the pages has an awkward layout and there's other little things that need tweaking, but the major work is done. :-) You can take a look at and let me know what you think. If it totally sucks, I can reload the old site, but I'm really hoping it's okay and I'm totally excited to have something new.

New Year's Day was spent at the Evil Day Job (EDJ). Sigh. I can't believe they make us work on a holiday like this. There was one other person there yesterday since only my union lost this particular holiday--the other unions and management lost other holidays--and there are only like five of us from this union on the floor. It was nice and quiet and I was actually able to take my lunch hour without ear plugs. :-) Too bad I wasn't writing yet because it would have been perfect.

Today I begin the new book. I'm actually looking forward to getting started and I probably would have kicked off on Monday if I hadn't gotten bogged down in my brilliant idea to redesign the website. :-) No tweaking it for the rest of this week. I have to clean my house and write. The site can wait till Saturday evening or longer. Unless it sucks and I need to reload the old one, of course.