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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Transitions, Transitions

The writing came easier yesterday, but these darn transitions are a bear! I don't want to end the scene and pick it up again, but making the turns into what Logan needs to do next has been rough. I was fighting with another one of the things last night. On the plus side, once I make this turn, I'll be into the action part of the scene, and while mixing choreography with emotion takes work, it's gotta be better than transitions. gasp! I'm trying to give myself permission to accept a rough segue by telling myself I can fix it later. The perfectionist in me is balking.

I was watching television the other night when that commercial came on for Comcast. I don't know if it's nationwide or not, but it has men and women in suits singing about "the big old expensive phone company." Here's a link to the ad on YouTube. The tune kind of got caught in my head for a while and I didn't think beyond that (and the humor), but the other night, it hit me. Wait a second. The cable company is accusing the phone company of being expensive??? Does anyone else see the irony?

Now granted, the phone company isn't cheap either, but this is definitely a case of people who live in glass houses not throwing stones. My cable bill just went up this month and Comcast eliminated several channels from my service. Cable also is more than I pay for electricity or natural gas. gulp.

I had a new gardening catalog in my mail yesterday from a place I'd never heard of. They mostly carry roses which means I'm fairly safe since I'm not much for that particular flower. They're too fussy and require too much work. They did have a few other flowers that looked cool, but I'm going to be strong. Um, especially since I have another amaryllis plant on the way. I had to buy it. It was half price!

BTW, I found out the amaryllis is native to South America and the Caribbean, which explains why it's a sissy flower. I was reading instructions on how to care for the plant I have and stumbled across that fact.