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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fight Night and Weekend

I caught up on the Super Bowl ads that people at work said I had to see. I enjoyed some of them (like the flying Bud Light drinker) and didn't like others (like the baby doing an e-Trade and then spitting up food. yuck!), but the Fed Ex pigeon ad remains my personal favorite. I also saw the miracle catch replayed a few times. Okay, confession, I was flipping around a lot because I did not want to see the Patriots win, so that play was one of the things I missed and it was incredible. Okay, enough football, I guess.

Right now, I'm working on a fight scene. Trying to anyway. I always have to chant a mantra while I write them. "You can come back and layer things in. Just get the action down." And that is so hard for me to do because when I read back over what I've written, it just seems flat without the emotional component. That gets me to start tinkering and slows progress and I always have to go back and add the layers in later anyway. You'd think this would get easier, but instead my compelling urge to get it right the first time seems to get worse.

I did find a really cool blade, though, and I'm going to have Logan fighting with it. This was one of those things where I was looking for something else and stumbled across this by accident. After taking one look at it, I went "perfect!" :-)

And finally, In Twilight's Shadow is up for preorder and Barnes & This is the last of big online booksellers to load it.