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Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Day

Sorry, I meant to post yesterday, but I ran out of time. You see, Wednesday was my day and I was busy enjoying it. And of course, informing people that it was my day.

Okay, you're thinking, she's delusional. Maybe she got confused. Nope, Yesterday bright and early my phone rang. It was Doug Steenland, the big kahuna at NWA--my Evil Day Job (EDJ). Doug had a recorded message to let me know it was my day. When I hung up the phone and saw all the guys had hung up from their talk with Doug, I informed them that it was my day and we went from there. ;-)

Since I said they could all go home with pay, they were more than happy to agree that it was my day. None of them left, though, because they wanted to stay at the EDJ and celebrate my day with me.

My day was a good one, BTW. I actually managed to be clever a couple of times in conversation and made people laugh. We were given profit sharing checks because NWA made money last year. I didn't get a whole lot, but I can't complain because it's "free" money. Even traffic largely cooperated and I wasn't too stressed or frazzled on the drive in to the EDJ.

The only way my day could have been better was if the coworker from hell had been off. Unfortunately, he wasn't, but his stops over in my area were the only blights on my day.

When I arrived home, my new ergonomic keyboard that I'd ordered to use on the Mac was on my porch and a little later UPS brought my wireless laser mouse and my USB hub, further improving my day. I hooked them all up to the iMac with relative ease. I say relative because I have this bad habit of putting batteries in backward. I know I do this and I even pay careful attention whenever I put batteries in anything, but I still always manage to screw up. And when my laser mouse didn't work, I opened the compartment, and sure enough, I'd done it again. Sigh.

I discovered one problem I'm having with the Mac. I downloaded Neo Office yesterday with the intention of writing on my new computer now that I have the ergonomic keyboard, but I couldn't find any pull-down menus to set my preferences. Then I downloaded Firefox and couldn't find any pull-down menus there either! So I need to learn where those features are located on the iMac programs so that I can set my preferences and defaults. I did find a series of tutorials on the Apple website for people making the switch from PC to Mac, but I didn't have an opportunity to through them all.

Anyway, overall, my day was wonderful and I want another day like that today. We'll see how it goes.