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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Friday Post

It is a raw, miserable day here. Yesterday, it was so windy that the snow was coming in sideways and this morning I saw my downspout for one of my gutters in my backyard, noticed the neighbors have a huge tree branch down, and the little snowflake on my wind spinner is all bent up. That was some storm!

Because it snowed and we were still getting freezing drizzle, I drove my dad to his doctor's appointment with the surgeon that will be removing his kidney. The doctor said that nine times out of ten, they remove the kidney arthroscopicly, but in my dad's case, they want to open him up to remove it. That means instead of an overnight stay, he'll be in the hospital for five or six days and restricted for about six weeks afterward on what he can do. Surgery is scheduled for a week and a half from now.

I have to say that my dad can be funny. We were supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow and he wonders if I"ll have trouble getting out with "all that snow." 1) I drive a SUV with 4-wheel drive and I've taken it to work in 18" of heavy March snow in the past. I don't think 2-4 is going to stop me. 2) For years now, he's said this every time any snow is in the forecast. There's also been times that he's told me to call him if I can't get out in the morning to call and he'll come over and snow blow. Um, see item 1 about the 4-wheel drive. The other thing he said yesterday was his car probably wouldn't make it out. How does 2-4 inches of snow translate into being snowbound? I haven't figured this one out yet.

Anyway, needless to say, I didn't have any trouble getting the SUV out of the driveway with the maybe 1 inch of snow that fell. (We ended up with more rain than they predicted.)

The other thing that's kind of funny is that I'd planned to take time off from work when he had surgery, but he's already made other arrangements. One of his lodge buddies is going to drive him and Mom to the hospital and I can come when I get off work. Oookay, Dad.

He's got a great attitude, though, and I think that's more than half the battle. And the even better news is that the doctor doesn't think Dad will need chemo. He's not 100% certain of that and won't be until the surgery, but it would be nice if my dad could miss that.

Keep sending positive vibes for a little while longer. Thanks!