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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Life Gets Back to Semi-Normal

Or Adventures in Calling the Cable Company.

Things are on hold with my dad right now--at least until his doctor's appointment on Friday. We'll know more then about when he has surgery. In the meantime, things have returned to how they were before he went into the hospital--except, of course, we all know nothing is normal.

So let's talk about the cable company. I ordered the Major League Baseball package so I could watch more games. (I love to write with a game playing and there just isn't enough baseball on television any more.) The other day, though, after their free trial ended, I go to turn on the Cubs game and I get a "Not Authorized" message. Thinking that the rep I'd talked to had done set it up wrong, I talked to another sales rep and he assured me that everything was fine--and oh, yeah, I'd been double charged for the package. I'll have to talk to a tech, he tells me, but he fixed the double billing.

The woman gets on the phone and tells me that all of MLB is down and that they're working on it. No clue when it'll be taken care of, but I should just wait.

Eight hours later, I was still waiting. I called again.

This guy says he'll reset my box because I shouldn't be having any problems. Apparently he had no idea that MLB had ever been down and it made me wonder if the woman was just making things up. Anyway, he starts the reset process and puts me on hold. While he's away, the box shuts off and comes back on and I have baseball! When he comes back on the line, I tell him everything's great, thanks and hang up.

Little did I know what was lurking just minutes away....

Before I can lift the remote to figure out which game I want to watch, the cable box shuts itself off again. When it returns, I can only get channels 13 and 906! I call the cable company back.

The guy tells me I'll have to get a new box. I'm like, huh? It was working fine a few minutes ago. Nope, I have to exchange it for a new box. He can't reset it again because that will damage the box worse than it already is--although I don't know how it gets worse than only 2 channels being accessible. I'm like, but, but I'll have to move the entertainment center again. Ah, gee, and all the pictures on top of the entertainment center. I'll have to call back to get the new box activated. Ugh!

His response? Yeah, too bad, sorry. Grrr.

Not quite ready to accept that response, I turned the cable box off again, gave it a minute, and then turned it back on. This time it said the guide was loading. This was an improvement. I wait, and lo and behold, everything is working again and I have baseball!

My final fall back would have been unplugging the cable box for a short time and then plugging it back in again, but it didn't go that far.