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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I'm Free!

Hello, world, I'm ba-ack!

After many late nights, lots of hard work, and every hour of vacation time I have on the books at the Evil Day Job, I have finished the yet-untitled Work In Progress and have sent it to my editor at Tor! Whooo hooo!!! Wait! I always put up the dancing Hobbes when a book is finished. Let me run over and grab him.

There we go, dancing Hobbes, now the celebration is complete!

I have to say, it feels totally weird to be online using the laptop. I've had my wifi turned off forever--or at least it feels like forever. It's also hugely strange to be watching baseball with the sound on. During the past couple of months, I've done nothing but watch games with the sound muted while I wrote and wrote and wrote! Wow, I might even try to watch the movie I've had from Netflix since March. They're probably wondering what happened to it anyway. :-)

So what's up for me next? Well, the house must be cleaned. Gah! It looks hideous. I already have all my reference books put away and most of my notes, but the whole house needs a thorough going over. I also need to try and catch up on the half a bazillion emails I've barely skimmed over the past couple of months and my garden is full of weeds! I must get in there and take care of that. And I need to rescue a couple of plants that my dad potted for me while I was writing. He left them in the garage where there is no sunshine! I forgot to grab them today when I was over there.

I've got laundry in the dryer--I haven't washed clothes in probably 3 weeks. :-) And I need to fill out information for the art department on the latest book and come up with a title. Probably I should hold a contest or something. Of course, that might be too much work for someone in recovery.

I already can't figure out what to do with myself during lunch tomorrow at work. I always write during lunch hour at the Evil Day Job.

Anyway, hello, all and it's soooo good to be back!