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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who Are You and Why Are You Here?

I had a new hero show up this weekend. Friday night, I think, although he was pretty covert and I didn't realize he was there then. It's only now, as I look back, that I realize it had to be him even then. I'm not quite sure when I realized he was there. It might have been last night or maybe even this morning. It's one of those things where instead of popping into my thoughts, he kind of glided in.

The when doesn't matter all that much, I guess. I just know that he was here full force today and talking. I know his name--both the one his parents gave him and the nickname everyone calls him. His first name is...well, embarrassing. He says it wasn't all bad, that it helped him develop a thick skin and made him tough. All those playground fights, you know. Beyond this, I don't know much yet. I asked him what he does, where he lives, but I get no answers.

The biggest question of all, though, is what book is he from? No answer on that either. Apparently, he's not part of my Light Warrior world or any of the ideas I have lined up that I want to work on after I finish this next book. At least that's what he's claiming, but I've had characters lie to me before.

No heroine for him yet. No story. No time to write him even if I did have this information. I'd explain to him I have a deadline for another set of characters except that he's not pushing me to write about him. In fact, he's kept it pretty low key. Unlike other characters I've had which have come in and made demands. Ryne immediately comes to mind, although at least she never interfered when I was actually writing Cai and Jake's story.

Tonight, I tried to find a picture of this new hero. I know what he looks like--dark hair that's a little long, about 30, soul patch--but I couldn't find anything that worked. I'm not going to waste a lot of time looking, but he's so clear in my head at this moment that I thought it wouldn't be too hard to find an image that looked like him. I was wrong.