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Monday, October 06, 2008

Visions of the Future

The past few days, my characters have been showing me scenes from the future. Scenes that take place after the Work In Progress (WIP). I usually get scenes after I finish a book of my hero and heroine together and happy a while after the actual written end of their story, but this is the first time I've seen a whole bunch of them at once in a get-together type atmosphere.

The interactions have been interesting. Ryne's pretty much forgiven Creed at this point although there's a reserve there that wasn't before the things he did. Deke says that Creed can't expect her to trust him 100% again and their friendship will never go back totally to the way it was before his actions.

I also learned that Ryne, Logan, and Kel--who are all about the same age--worked together guarding the Gineal library when they were fresh out of troubleshooter training, but while they were friendly with each other, they didn't really hang out together or anything.

Logan is the hero in Edge of Dawn, the book that will be coming out in 2009 and Kel is Logan's brother.

Creed let something slip to Ryne--I'm not sure what--and it was enough for her to dig out and read the untranslated version of the Twilight Time Prophecy. She's started to put pieces together and is leaning toward the same conclusion Creed reached: It's coming.

The other interesting thing is to watch Ryne reach out and develop a friendship with two of the heroines from later books--Shona and the heroine from the WIP.

It's not all about Ryne, though. I'm also getting a lot of information from Tris, Logan and Kel's sister. She's four years younger than them and she's Sin's heroine. Sin isn't factoring at all in these visions of the future, so this is obviously taking place after the WIP and before Tris' book.

Of course, the information she's giving me has nothing to do with her story and everything to do with her brothers and the characters from earlier books that she's met now. I'm not getting much that's personal about her either. Although, I guess the argument could be made that her impressions of other people does give me insight into who she is.

I do know that Tris has wanted to keep up from her brothers from the time she was a toddler and be part of their "group." The thing is that Logan and Kel are not only 4 years older than she is, they're twins and she simply can't have the kind of relationship with them that they have with each other. But she's still trying to "prove" to them that she's worthy and majorly bummed because now that both Logan and Kel are in love, she's even more of an "outsider" than she was before.

Okay, I take it back about not getting personal info about Tris. That was some pretty important insight into her personality and it'll definitely impact her relationship with Sin when they meet. Yeah, plays nicely into the big scenario for their story. I like it when things I don't even know are happening fall into place. :-)

I've loved getting these future scenes, BTW. My only lament is that they're really not helping me with the WIP. Maybe they will later in the story, but not with where I'm at right now.