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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Favorite Romantic Movies

This weekend I was flipping channels and ran into a station showing The Mummy with Brendan Fraser, Oded Fehr, and Rachel Weisz. You'll forgive me, I'm sure, for listing the two hot men first. :-) I love this movie enough to actually buy the DVD and I frequently watch it when it's on one of the cable stations. It's just a great romance movie.

I started thinking about my other favorite romance movies and came up with The Terminator and Speed. Yep, you read that right--those are my favorite romance movies. I thought harder, tried to come up with movies that didn't have action and adventure and that put The Lake House on the list and Sliding Doors. Of course, while those last two films aren't loaded with action, they both have paranormal plots.

Okay, so thinking up movies I like that I consider romances wasn't giving me any pure romantic movies, ones without action or paranormal threads. What if I came at it from the idea of movies other people thought were romantic?

Titanic. More action. Sleepless In Seattle. I didn't like it, in fact, I thought it was boring. When Harry Met Sally. I watched it once and liked it well enough, but I never watch it over and over like I do the others.

Action/Adventure Romance, and if you throw in paranormal or SF elements, I'm a totally happy camper. :-) Is it any wonder that I write the type of stories I do?