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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inconvenient Sin

Sometimes I wonder about how a writer's mind works. At least my own mind. :-) I'm doing some revisions for Edge of Dawn, the third book in my Light Warriors series and book four still needs to be written--I have a deadline--but I'm getting information on book five. Keep in mind that book 5 didn't exist until a few months ago and is unproposed and unsold. I should be focused on the books that are on the front burner and my mind isn't.

If the series continues past four books, the fifth will have Sinclair Duncan as the hero. He was introduced in In the Midnight Hour and was not exactly the most sympathetic character of all time. :-) And his heroine is Tris Andrews. If y'all read Edge of Dawn when it comes out July 2009, you'll meet her there.

I believe I've mentioned this pairing before on the blog, but what I didn't know is that by the time the story takes place, Tris and Sin have a past. With each other! That was a surprise. I knew that there was conflict between them, enough so that things were not peachy when the book kicks off, but I thought it was the circumstances that caused the problem. Well, mostly I thought that. I did wonder because the intensity seemed out of proportion--it was just too heated--but since I had other stories to write/work on, I didn't spend much time trying to figure out the whys. As it turned out, I didn't need to--Tris and Sin were happy to interrupt and pass along the information this week.

So they have a past together, one that didn't end on the best of terms--at least on Sin's side. It's a little more complicated for Tris, but then she's the one who ended it. I think it happens after Edge of Dawn ends, but I don't know enough yet to be 100% certain.

I also got confirmation of something I suspected in Midnight Hour, but didn't know for sure because I was solely in Ryne or Deke's points of view--Sin is/was jealous of how powerful Ryne is. I think he got over that, at least that's the impression I have, but he feels it's too late to patch things with his former friend. He's just burned too many bridges between them too thoroughly to think they can be repaired. Which has the potential to be another thread of conflict between Tris and Sin. Tris, you see, looks up to Ryne as the example of what she wants to be as a troubleshooter, and since her brother got involved with Shona, she's met Ryne and likes her. I'm not sure how or even if this will play a role in the story, but it's there.

It's been a really interesting glimpse into their lives even though the info is far from complete. It's also been interesting to get to know Tris a little. I suspected she was...feisty, for lack of a better word, but now I have a better gauge on just how much. I also know that she's spent years trying to prove to her brothers that she's as tough as they are and that she should be part of their group. The problem is that Logan and Kel are twins, that's a special bond that she can't share, and they're four years older than she is and that made a big difference when they were kids.

I'm thinking I should write down all the stuff I'm getting right now so that I remember it when I do want to work on their story in a few months. :-) I'd hate to forget important stuff.