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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Lego Dude

Another video today. Sorry, but I have been pounding paper (a small joke or joke attempt if it fell flat) trying to get my edits done in time to mail back tomorrow. Despite spending massive time and working into the wee hours on Saturday night, I'm not going to make it. It might be a blessing since it rained here today before the temperatures plummeted below freezing. The roads here are ice covered with snow and the high temp tomorrow is supposed to be 1 degree. That's the optimistic forecast.

Anyway, all the markups are made. What I need to do now is one final read through before I package the manuscript up and send it back to NYC. Since I'm only about halfway, I don't think I'll finish tonight.

While I was marking up, though, I had the national news on the TV Friday night and in the Assignment America segment, they interviewed this guy who makes works of art out of Legos! It was incredibly cool and I was amazed. His work is showing in museums and it's incredible. As someone who could barely make the most unimaginative things with the toy, I was impressed. I hoped some of you might be interested, too.