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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cut, Rewrite, Repeat

News first.  In Twilight's Shadow is a finalist for Best Paranormal/Time Travel in the Desert Rose Golden Quill Awards!  It's always exciting hear this type of news.
Garden news. My hyacinths are blooming!  Still no snowdrops which are supposed to bloom while there's snow on the ground, although I did get some green shoots this year.  Maybe next year I'll finally have flowers?  Daffodils and some of the tulips are showing flower buds and my tree lilies are poking their heads above ground.  My dad fenced in the tree lilies and the tiger lilies to keep the evil deer and rabbits from destroying them like they did last year.  My backyard is a maze of chicken wire and fencing, and my plants look as if they're in prison, but as I've said before, I call it protective custody.  ;-)
It's been a frustrating two days on the writing.  Everything I've written, I've cut again.  And again.  Even backing up, though, has not solved the problem...whatever it is.  I thought I had it figured out this morning, but my lunch time attempt didn't go any better, so either I didn't back up far enough or I have a problem I'm not seeing.  I think I need to sit down with a notepad and start jotting things down as they occur to me.  I've done some of this already, but apparently not enough.
I've introduced my heroine, set up the time travel, introduced my hero, and had the two of them meet.  Things were going well until this point.  Hmm.  Definitely need some mulling time.