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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today, I made the final polish on the time travel short story and sent if off to the editor. This story is set on Jarved Nine (the same world as Ravyn's Flight and Eternal Nights) and the hero is Troll Maglaya, he's a member of Wyatt's team and takes place seven years after EN.

I might have said this before, but I love Troll and I'm so glad I was able to write about him. The really interesting thing is that I had no idea what his story was, only that he had one and that it happened after all the rest of his teammates were married. The time travel aspect gave me a way (I felt) to leap frog past the other romances. As it stands, readers will meet Sasha who is Flare's heroine and will also see Alex Sullivan (aka The Big Chill) and Damon Brody has a non-speaking cameo appearance. If you read the story (and if it stays in after edits), you'll find out that he and Ravyn had more children after Cam.

My one regret is that I didn't get to do a full-length story, but if I did, I know what it is now. It's almost exactly what was laid out in the short story, only the events would take place over more time and I'd get the suspense/action in there. I was forced to skip both those things to get the story finished within the word count guidelines.

Anyway, it's good to be done and now it's back to the WIP. It feels like forever since I worked on that!