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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Researching the World

I've mentioned in the past that I do bedtime stories to fall asleep. These used to be the Work In Progress (WIP) until it started causing insomnia. Whenever I came up with a good sentence that I wanted to use, I'd stress myself up trying to make sure I remembered it when I woke up in the morning. That's when I decided to switch to stories I knew I'd never write.

Only now I am going to write one of them as a short story.

It's not too weird because I'm used to getting information this way, but what I find interesting is the world building. Details have become set in my mind because of the years of running pieces of the story at night and now I have to find ways to make them work logically and realistically.

This isn't quite as easy as it seems. Oh, some of it is coming together. There's been a couple of vague ideas that research has nailed down perfectly. I think I might have happy dog danced when I discovered I could use those elements.

Other pieces of information are proving more elusive. Writers sometimes have weird questions and it's not always easy to find answers. That's where I'm at now, trying to hammer down a few more details.

Some of these pieces are things that will never come up in the story because the hero and heroine don't know them, but I need to know them to build the world.

And world building is critically important. I read a story recently where the author had me rolling my eyes as I read details of her world. I never want anyone to do that when they read my stories. Since this world is predicated on something that's never happened in the recorded history of mankind, it won't be easy to find everything I need to know. What I plan on doing is learning as much as I can and logically extrapolate from there.