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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Kindle 4

No one tell my mom about this blog post! It's a secret, okay?

I bought my mom a Kindle 4 as a combination birthday/Christmas present. Yes, I know I'm early, but she's so hard to buy for and this way I have time to download all kinds of books for her. I've already gotten all of my books on there for her and it's charged, wifi setup, etc.

I wanted to pass along my thoughts about the latest Kindle. First of all, this is not the touch version. I'd happily have bought her one of those if I thought she'd take advantage of it, but she's very techno-phobic and the simpler the device the better. Because this isn't the touch screen model, it means the keyboard that pulls up on the screen can only be used by using the 4-way button on the bottom. Kind of a pain, but it was usable and my mom will never type on the K4, so no worries.

The first and most noticeable thing was how much lighter and smaller the K4 is compared to my K2. That's an awesome improvement and one that's good for my mom. She won't have to work as hard to hold the device. I rested the K4 atop my K2 and there was probably an inch on the top and an inch on the left showing of my Kindle. That's how much smaller the K4 is, but with no keyboard, it can shrink.

The back of the device has a little texture to it to improve grip and prevent it from sliding when it's put down on a table or counter. I plan to buy my mom a case as part of her gift because it will be extra protection if she falls asleep while reading.

The page forward and previous page buttons are on the sides of the device more than on the top of it. There is also one of each on both sides so it's easier to go backward no matter which hand you like to use to hold your device. On the K2, the previous page button is only on the left side, the home button only on the right. The K4 has the home button on the front. There are a few other button differences, like the on/off switch is on the bottom and not that top, but this isn't a big deal.

Aside from the smaller, lighter K4 and the lack of keyboard, the reading experience was identical to the K2. This is good because I've loaned my K2 to my mom and she liked that. I need her to feel comfortable with the Kindle or she won't use it.

Next up, downloading a lot of books to my mom's Christmas K4. I need enough to keep her busy reading for a long while.