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Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Trip To Nowhere

Since coming to Atlanta, I've relied on my car's GPS system a lot. However, it hasn't been 100% accurate. To my frustration, it often will refuse to let me input the address I want because it's not in a range that it believes belongs on that street. The GPS has been wrong.

The worst experience, though, was the one I call the Trip to Nowhere.

My parents and I were determined to buy a recliner for the house. I found a store in Newnan, GA and wrote down the address. GPS didn't like the number of the building for the street. However, there was a street name, south and GPS did like that, so that's what I set as our destination.

Things started out okay, but then it began to rain. They drive like Maniacs here, I don't know where I'm going, and it's raining??? Gah!

Despite all the weather, we kept going, confident we'd make it to the furniture place. Things started to get iffy when GPS directed us off the highway. It got worse. We ended up in the middle of a residential neighborhood, nothing even remotely retail in the area.

GPS Fail.

Or maybe it was me. After all, I did select Street South instead of street. I punched in the street name, lied on the number of the building so GPS would accept it, and we started out again. This time we ended up near a hotel that appeared vacant. It wasn't, but it sure wasn't doing a booming business either. It was raining harder now and it wouldn't be too much longer before it started to get dark. We decided to go back home.

I selected home on GPS, turned out of the parking lot in the direction from which we'd come, and was led on a roundabout route that ended up turning just in front of the rundown hotel we'd started from. Um, what? Why the hell didn't GPS tell me to turn right when I went past the road the first time?

GPS Fail. Again.

We did make it home after a drive through several Georgia towns, including one I'd never heard of before. I don't know if this was the most efficient route ever concocted, but we did arrive back at the condo.