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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Conquor My Countertop

Anyone who's followed this blog knows that I'm organizationally challenged. I can tell stories, but I won't since it's kind of embarrassing to admit how scattered I can be. I've been pinning organizational tips on Pinterest and one of them has actually helped.

Before I go any farther, this is just me talking about a product I like. It's not a paid endorsement and I bought this product myself.

Okay, so anyway, one of the areas I'm really anal about is the kitchen. I hate dishes in the sink or on the counter. In fact, it's probably the only room where I'm insanely attentive to putting things back where they belong ASAP. But in Atlanta, I haven't been able to eliminate paper piling up on the counter. It's been making me nuts.

Then I saw a pin about some Martha Stewart stick on the inside of a cabinet door organizing things. Yeah, great description, I know. I'll have a picture later. These Martha Stewart organizers were only available at Staples, but I decided to to check Amazon anyway, hoping for something similar.

I found it. Post-it Pockets!

I ordered immediately, had them 2 days later, and put them up. Instantly the little corner of clutter I hadn't been able to get rid of was gone! Hurrah!

Here's a picture of them on the inside of my cabinet. I got the variety pack, which gave me three sizes, one each. The biggest size is on the bottom and I found it to be the most convenient. I used the long narrow one above it for the coupon I wanted to take to the grocery store.

The third one is inside another cabinet and I didn't take a picture of it. That one is more vertical than horizontal like the two pictured here.

I'm totally loving having the stuff off my counter, but still handy. The best part is that because they're Post-it, they'll come off the cabinet without causing problems.

It's kind of silly to get all excited about something like this--I know it. but anything that I can successfully organize is a win. Since my move to Atlanta, so much seems to have escaped my grasp, but finally I tamed one thing. It might be small, but it's a victory nonetheless and I'll take anything I can get.

I'm calling this a win.