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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Special Moments

One other thing happened on the trip that I wanted to talk about. My parents were with me and my dad was wearing his army museum cap when we stopped for the night in Illinois. A pack of motorcycles stopped with us at the hotel.

They reached the lobby first mostly because I couldn't identify the lobby. Most of the time there is something to give it away, but all sides of this motel looked exactly the same. There were six couples and we ended up behind all of them, waiting to check in.

As we're waiting, one of the men noticed my dad's baseball cap and asked him if he was a veteran. When my dad said yes, he was, something pretty awesome happened.

The biker said, "Thank you" and held out his hand to shake my dad's hand.

I don't think anything like that had every happened to my dad before that evening. If it did, he never said anything about it. I also think it meant a lot to him. Heck, it left me tearing up.

It was such a nice thing for this guy to do and it made me wish I could do stuff like that. I can't, though. I'm much to shy to attempt it. Written words are my thing. I dedicated one book to the men and women of the US military and I'll take the opportunity here on my blog to say: Thank you for serving.