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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tales From the House of Plague

Despite my best efforts to not get sick, I got hit with a doozy. It snuck in on Friday. I noticed I was coughing a bit more than usual, but I didn't have a sore throat and I always get a sore throat before I get sick. Not this time.

I did a lot of sleeping and tried a lot of over the counter remedies for various symptoms. I even tried some home remedies like drinking hot water with honey and lemon, and water with apple cider vinegar. The end result is that it's Wednesday night and I feel better, but I'd probably be feeling better by now even if I'd done nothing.

So some random thoughts: Are over the counter cough medicines worthless for everyone or just me? I tried two different brands and neither slowed the cough.

I tried a generic mucus drug for the first time and I think I'll give it a good rating as an expectorant. I believe that's helped me today as I finally seem to be coughing less, and for the past two days, it's been a very productive cough.

I also tried a new sinus spray and it worked awesomely on clearing out my sinuses so I could breathe. The negative, though, was that I coughed more because it really dried out my throat.

My last OTC experiment was with a cough suppressant gel cap that was supposed to last 8-10 hours. Did nothing for me.

To whoever invented Nyquil gel capsules, you deserve to be knighted and awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. God bless you.

I still feel like I was run over by a bus. My lips are chapped, my nose is sore, and my brain worthless, but I definitely am on the mend. I've tried to run around with disinfecting wipes to get all the surfaces that I touched while sick, but I know I'll miss some. We touch things all the time without thinking about them.