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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Vampire Hunter: UK Readers

For those of you in the UK, Vampire Hunter should now be available!  The link goes to the book on the Mills & Boon site.

Vampire Hunter features one of my Nocturne Bites stories--Shadow's Caress--and includes stories by two other authors. It's also available in paperback as well and electronic formats. Shadow's Caress was previously only in ebook format.

And for all my readers, especially fans of the Blood Feud World stories, Phoenix Burning, my January 2014 release, is now up for preorder at Amazon. I haven't spotted it anywhere else yet, but keep your eyes peeled--it should be showing up everywhere ebooks are sold.

Phoenix Burning is a novella-length story that I wrote for Nocturne Cravings which is an erotic romance line from Harlequin. Still no cover or official blurb, but here's how I'm describing the story:

When vampire enforcer Ivar LeBlanc is assigned to bring in a murderer, he stakes out the man's daughter, waiting for the father to appear. Ivar's wild attraction to Phoenix throws his entire scheme into chaos.

Phoenix Cahill came to Los Angles to be a screenwriter, instead she's reached Awakening, where she transforms from Nestling to adult vampire. She's been taught the rules: Don't feed too close to home. Don't feed from the same prey multiple times. But Phoenix wants Ivar and once isn't going to be nearly enough.