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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Adventures In Home Ownership

To paraphrase a poster I saw online recently:

Me: I finally have a handle on my To Do List.
Life: LOL. Wait a sec.

I've been feeling overwhelmed with things I need to do since June. Maybe earlier than June, but that's when the stress kicked into high gear with all the house and moving stuff. I tell people that I'm living my life in triage mode--I take care of whatever's bleeding hardest and let the rest slide. It hasn't been fun and then toss in more than a month of insomnia. Just for some extra challenge.

Last Friday, though, I thought things were maybe taking a turn for the better. I'd filed the damage claim for the mess the movers made of my furniture and Friday afternoon, someone came out to assess what could be fixed. As I closed the door behind the man, I thought, That's the biggest item on the To Do List. It's just going to get better from here.

My upbeat mood lasted about half an hour. That's when I opened my water bill and saw the total: $352.00. That's $300.00 more than it was last month, and since I didn't sprinkle the lawn or wash my car, either they made a mistake or I have a leak somewhere.

But life wasn't done with me yet. Saturday afternoon I hear a thud in the yard and go to the window. I thought maybe the neighbors behind me were taking down a tree between our properties. I wasn't that lucky.

There, lying in the middle of my backyard, is a fallen tree.

It could have been worse. It didn't hit the house and that's what I've been telling myself in order to feel better. It could have been worse.  Small comfort.

So now I have to get someone to come out and remove the tree. My optimism on getting a handle on my To Do List faded amid the sarcastic laughter of Life.