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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Demons Work the Nightshift

My characters make my life very weird in a lot of ways. They'll give me their name while I walk down the hallway, but won't tell me which idea they belong to or if it's a completely new story. They'll go on strike if I write them doing something they feel they wouldn't do and I spin my wheels without any progress until I figure out what it is.

Of all the strange things I life with, though, I think the weirdest must be my demon characters. They pretty much refuse to be written during the day.

It's not only that they're nocturnal characters. I've written vampires who are also nocturnal, but they don't keep me waiting until late at night and then want to go for hours. No, they'll come in when I sit down to work, and while I have my usual power struggles with them, the time of day isn't one of them

Not with my demons. If I sit down at 7pm, I'll be lucky if they show up at 9pm. Usually it's more like 9:30 or 10pm. What adds to the oddity is that I always forget their working hours between stories, so I'm continually surprised.

Take this latest story I turned in. I was like three days away from deadline when I realized why I wasn't getting anything done during daylight hours. Yeah, I really am that dense. I have no doubt I'll forget again by the time I do another demon story, which I'm kind of hoping won't be for a little while. They wear me out because of how early I wake up for my day job.

I'm still trying to recover from this last couple.