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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Great Idea, Bad Execution

Last week, I was browsing online, looking for some kind of To Do List that would handle complex items, like some that would take a while to accomplish and others that could be done quickly. Some that had multiple steps before they could be completed. Things like this. I didn't find anything that I liked, but I did stumble across the Project Notebook.

I clicked the Look Inside feature and checked it out. Immediately, I thought, this looks like it would be good for writing projects. The Follow Up/To Do portion would work awesomely for notes on things I realize need to be fixed as I'm writing, but won't get to until revisions.

And I definitely could see how the other sections would work for a story. Plot notes, ideas for turning points, etc.

So I ordered it, but I should have paid more attention to the binding. It's bound like a book, not like a notebook with a spiral spine. I still think the form itself is a great idea, but bound into a book is going to make the pages really hard to use.

Rating for the content and layout of the form - 5
Rating for the binding - 1

Total rating - 3