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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Television Commercials - A Small Rant

I'll preface my rant about TV commercials by saying that I don't generally watch network television, so most of what I'm seeing is on cable or during baseball games. This might make a difference in the type of advertising I'm exposed to because of demographics.

Television commercials are--by and large--horrible right now. Totally horrid. Beyond horrid. How many ads for different drugs do they need to run? Seriously? It's reached the point where there isn't an advertising break without at least one drug ad. Sometimes more. If it isn't a drug ad, it's an ad for a lawyer about suing drug manufacturers for side effects or bad consequences. Interesting juxtaposition there, especially when they run one right after the other.

There's also the fear-mongering ads for security companies and the I've Fallen and Can't Get Up people.

I've reached a point where I automatically mute all television advertising now. it's appallingly bad. I expect that with local ads like the ones for the tire guys in the Atlanta area. They're working with a much smaller budget, but national ads?

I stand by my opinion which was the FCC made an ENORMOUS error in judgment when they allowed drug companies and lawyers to advertise on television. Thanks a lot, FCC. You've made advertising unbearable.