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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Friday the 13th

Normally, I have good days on Friday the 13th. Some people are like oh-no! and I'm like, yea! So I didn't expect anything different on this latest one.

I woke up early because I had to drive myself to work rather than taking my van pool. I love my van pool, but my department was having an offsite event and I wasn't sure we'd make it back in time. That decision was for the best because it turned out that all the drivers had things going on and there wouldn't be anyone there to drive the van anyway.

So I wake up early and I hear this weird crying noise. At first I wrote it off to the wind because it was breezy out there, but it didn't stop. Instead of crying, it began to sound like cats, plural. Is it an old wives' tale that cats shriek during mating? If so, I think they were doing it on my back patio.

They finally go away, I get ready for work, and leave the house. I'm maybe 15 minutes into my drive when the Tire Pressure Low warning comes on. Gah! I freak, right? Because driving with improperly inflated tires can lead to blowouts and stuff. I run through my options and decide I can't risk driving the rest of the way to work without getting my tires checked. I turn off at a service center, but of course, they're closed because it's not even 6am yet. I go back home and let my boss know I won't be in.

I'm thinking wow, what a lousy Friday the 13th and I usually have such fab days! But I started thinking about it. I didn't have a blowout or a flat tire. I had a warning. When the service center opened and I brought the car in, they filled my tires for free. That's another positive event.

I also got some errands run that I would have had to do over the weekend. Since I was over that direction and off from work, I did some quick grocery shopping and got gas for the car, all with very light numbers of people. Win! And it left me time to catch a nap. Naps are always a win. :-)

So as much as I hated wasting a vacation day and as much as I hated to miss the off-site event, things worked out okay. Tires are all intact. I'm safe. Friday the 13th was good.