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Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Planner Problem

For nearly a year now, I've been trying out a planner that I thought looked really cool. It probably is really cool, but I never quite got around to using the features that set it apart. In fact, I've hardly used the planner at all.

When I do use it, it's been helpful. I'm horrible about remembering what I need to do without a list and this gave me a place to make them. I even bought colored erasable pens and erasable highlighters to color code things. I never quite actually did this. I started out putting my writing list in one color and my chores list in another color, but this lasted about two weeks and then I just made lists in one color.

As my planner runs out, I'm debating whether or not to buy another. Like I said, it has some cool features, but I didn't use them. Will I use them if I buy a new one? Honestly forces me to admit that I probably wouldn't. If that's the case and if I just want lists, I could just use a pad of paper. It's cheaper and I already own a billion of them. (Only a small exaggeration.)

But the planner just seems so much more organized. "Let me check my planner." Yeah, much better than "Where's that pad of paper with my list?"

To make my decision even harder, the planner now comes with artistic covers rather than the plain one it was made with last year. I have another month to decide, I think. I'm pretty sure my planner runs from July through June. I'm just not 100% sure and that will tell you how little I've looked at the planner. Sigh.