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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Silicone Lost

One of the things that frustrates me endlessly is when the silicone pieces fall off my earbuds. I know, first world problem, right? It's still annoying. And when I lose them in the van pool vehicle, it makes it really hard to locate. Every time one fell off I'd swear I was going to buy some Super Glue and solve the problem for good.

And of course, it happened again. I don't own Super Glue, but I started Googling, thinking that maybe someone else had come up with a solution to keep the silicone ear pieces in place. What solution did I find? Super Glue.

I read the instructions on how to do it and it was exactly what I expected with one warning. Be careful not to let the glue go down the channel. Well, yeah, that makes sense.

So I got the glue, I got the earbuds, and I did it. Later that evening, I did a little check. One stayed on, one came off. I redid the loose one. When I checked the next day, that one, too, was in place. Yea! Now I'm never losing a damn silicone cap again. I found out I had a small problem Monday morning on the van.

I turned on my music, put my earbuds, and frowned. One side had no sound.

I fiddled with the settings, I plugged and unplugged the cord. Nothing. It had been working the last time I used them and the only thing that changed since then was my glue project. I was careful, but maybe some glue went down the channel after all. When I got to work, I dug out a pin and tried to scrape out whatever was there. It's such a small channel, I couldn't see anything. Nothing came out on the pin. I ran the music again.

No change.

Bottom line, my silicone won't come off the earbuds, but I only have sound on one side. I ordered a new set of earbuds and will be extra careful with the glue.

Update: Shortly after I wrote this, I attacked my earbuds again with the pin. This time I was successful and I can hear music on both sides again. Hurrah!