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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Compulsive Yarn Buying

Why didn't anyone tell me that buying yarn is addictive?

I'm buying yarn for class projects--I signed up for a few more crochet classes on Craftsy and one of them involves making a blanket and a decorative pillow. This required I buy some blanket yarn, which is soft and beautiful and I'm in love with it and already trying to figure out what else I can use it for.

Then I went looking for easy and free patterns online. Most of the yarn manufacturers have these available. I found a ton of patterns I wanted to do, but I limited myself to buying yarn for only three of them. It was so hard. There is so much beautiful yarn available and so many cool projects to be made and I wanted to buy all of it. And buy and buy and buy. The emails telling me about yarn sales are not helping either. When I can save $3 a skein, how can I not buy it?

Sadly? Luckily? (I'm not sure which word I'd choose) my dad is living with me and he's the spending police. Every time I get something he starts interrogating me about it and asking why I spent money on it. It's held me on check on the yarn purchases. Barely.

Because I got a promotional email from Lion Brand yarn with this awesome kit that was on sale. It's for a shawl/stole/wrap thing that's just so incredible and would be perfect to keep at work. That way when it's cold, I could take it out and wear it. And believe me, the way they run the air conditioning in the office, it is frequently cold. This is why I bought fingerless gloves.

There's also a kit on Craftsy for a scarf that has the most incredible yarn ever. Want.

Seriously, I could list off like 50 more projects all with super cool yarn and I literally have finished zero projects at this point and have barely finished my first crochet class.

I never knew all these yarns existed. I never knew they'd be as addictive as buying books or shoes or office supplies or planner stickers would be. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE WARN ME???? Not that it would have made a huge difference, but maybe I'd have been better prepared to resist. In the meantime, I'll have to rely on my own personal spending police to keep me in check. At least until I finish all the projects I have in queue right now.