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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Coffee Emergency

At work, they installed coffee machines for us and they're free! Yes, free coffee! Hurrah! These aren't those sad vending machine coffees, but a machine that allows us to brew lattes, mochas, hot chocolate, and teas in addition to regular coffee. There are a couple of other options I forget, too. We install a pod, the coffee brews, and automatically dumps the pod. This is beyond awesome.

Except for one thing: Our coffee machine has been down more than it's been running.

In two weeks, I think the machine has been up and running maybe three days. Possibly four, but I'm thinking only three. Insert sad face here. The coffee is decent and its quick and great if I don't want a jumbo cup--when it's working of course.

As far as I know, our machine is the only one that is down constantly like this. We've all started walking over to the next nearest machine. On Friday, they were cleaned out of coffee pods, or nearly so. When I went over in the afternoon, there were a few hazelnut flavored coffee pods left, a ton of decaf and tea, and one French vanilla flavored one. I grabbed that one. Yes, we'd even cleaned out the stash of coffee stored in the cabinets.

The biggest issue, of course, is all the extra people walking over there. The other part of the problem, though, is that the supplies are only being replenished every two weeks and the airline industry drinks a lot of coffee. I'm sure I remember reading about a survey of which professions drink the most coffee and aviation being on there right along with writers/editors. :-) Double whammy for me!

So with the coffee supply dwindling rapidly and one machine down, we are in the midst of a coffee emergency at work. Good thing I have some K-Cups stashed and that they haven't taken those machines out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mission: Music

Now that I'm driving myself, the music situation needs to be fixed. Radio in Atlanta is super bad--even those who were born here have said it--and I like to sing when I drive in the afternoon. In the morning, I'm too tired to want noise. I have a USB stick in my car, but the music is limited on there and after weeks of the same songs, I got tired of it. I checked into satellite radio, but the monthly cost was ridiculous. I decided I'd make another USB stick, but add a lot more music.

Theoretically, this shouldn't have been a difficult task. Take some music and drag it over and voila! It wasn't that easy.

First problem was that both iTunes and Amazon music sort everything by artist and then by album name so everything is in a freaking folder. That meant opening hundreds of folders, which was horrible, but then a new problem reared its head. I dragged the song over, but instead of copying, it was moved! That meant copying and pasting songs which added extra time.

I created a folder on my desktop to drag it to, and after two days, I had 600+ songs ready to go to the USB stick.

Second problem was that I couldn't find my bigger USB drives and the ones I had were too small. I ended up having to move everything off one of the larger drives (to my laptop since even those files wouldn't fit on the small drives) and then putting the music on the newly empty stick.

And that's when the third problem occurred to me. My car won't play .m4a files, only .mp3. Now I needed to convert files otherwise about half my music wouldn't play. I did an online search.

There was a free program for Windows in the app store. I downloaded it only to discover it only would convert files one at a time. There was no way I was going to do this for 300-400 songs. I searched again and found out that VLC Media Player will convert. I already have that program, but again, it seemed as if the conversion had to happen one song at a time. Grr.

Then I found out iTunes converted. I followed the instructions and then the fourth problem made itself known. All the files were imported into iTunes and resorted into files again for each artist/each album. ::sobs::

Yes, that's right--after I converted, I had to reopen all those folders. OMG! I'm on day 4 now and I still don't have new music in my car. I wish I could have found an easier way to do this.

Edited to add: The saga continues. About half the music either didn't convert or is hidden deeply inside the file hierarchy. Now I have to figure out which songs are missing and convert them again. What a PITA.

Edited again: After an hour or so of comparing songs to figure out which ones were missing, I gave up. I just copied the .m4a files onto the drive. I guess I'll find out for sure whether or not my car will play those files. I'm hoping it will even though I'm sure I remember that it wouldn't. I guess we'll see.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Where Did You Attend Grade School?

A lot of websites want you to answer security questions before you can login to their site from a new location. New location means same old computer on a different browser too, which is a pain. But the security questions are even a bigger pain.

I had one recently where before it would accept my login, I had to answer this question: Who is your favorite actress?

Hmm. I don't have a favorite actress and I certainly don't remember choosing one as an answer to a security question. I thought long and hard. It must be Jennifer Lawrence. I typed in her name. Incorrect answer. I tried just her last name. Incorrect answer. I thought about some more actresses, but I'm really not into this fame thing at all and couldn't come up with another answer. I refreshed the page. Who is your favorite actress? Gah!

I did eventually gain access to this site because after I refreshed the screen again, I received a security question that I could answer, but really? Why was this question considered a good one? Don't people change their minds all the time about who their favorite actors or actresses are?

Most security questions are just plain problematic. What's your favorite pet's name? That means I can't ever blog about or talk about any of my pets. Same thing for What was the make and model of your first car? What was the first concert you saw? Where did you attend grade school? Where were you born?

I've yet to see something as a security question that isn't either impossible to remember (i.e. who's your favorite actress) or difficult to remember to never talk about online (i.e. the list in the paragraph above.)

It seems to me that a much smarter way to handle this would be two factor authentication rather than stupid security questions. Even if I'm wrong about two-factor, there just plain has to be a better way than these questions.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Just One Moment

So I listened to this podcast a week or two ago and they mentioned this app called Moment (For your iThing. There is an equivalent for Android, but I don't remember the name of it.) that keeps track of the time you spend on your phone. I decided to download it and see how bad I am.

It's been okay, but I have a problem with the numbers. You see, the app can't tell what you're doing on the phone, so it measures everything. Like I listen to podcasts while I work and I don't believe that should be counted. Same for music. If my focus isn't on my telephone then I don't consider it an issue and it doesn't count. Well it does for Moment.

However, it will adjust your phone hours when you do some screenshot thing that I don't get. Or allegedly it will do this because I haven't had it a week yet and it only wants the screen caps once a week. Because of this, I looked at the data from the weekend when I'm unlikely to listen to anything. I had 52 minutes on Saturday and nearly two hours on Sunday. I'm not quite sure where the Sunday time went because I don't remember using my phone much at all. Hence the reason I downloaded the app.

I'm actually really curious to see the data with the time adjusted. Without music, podcasts, or GPS/traffic, I'm betting my usage is fairly low, but I've been wrong before. I'm looking forward to getting more useful information.

ETA: This app has become hugely annoying with its constant reminders. This wouldn't be bad if it wasn't pinging me for usage on apps that I have excluded from the hourly count. Listening to podcasts or music while I work or am at the gym shouldn't count, but it won't subtract the time until after the fact. In the meantime, ping you're over this amount of time. Ping, you're over that amount of time. Grrr!

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Coming Summer 2018

A friend (Trish McCallan) and I are releasing related novellas this year! Each story will be complete and will stand alone, but our heroines are best friends and go through some trouble together. Luckily, their guys are determined to keep their women safe!

My story is the prequel to a series I have planned set in a brand-new world. It's romantic suspense and in the novella and the first three books, the heroes are US Army Special Forces.

Let me introduce you Wicked Obsession with a short blurb:

It was supposed to be a wedding: a bit of fun, some wine, the chance for Langley Canfield to forget a devastating breakup. Until the wedding turns into a kidnapping, and her brand new ex—Sergeant Ryder Pienkowski—races to the rescue.
Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.