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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Virtual Race

***I'm going to talk about something by name so let me insert this disclaimer here: I have received no compensation of any kind whatsoever from anyone to discuss this topic/race/company. All opinions are my own.***

I'm not a runner--I'm a walker--but there's this race that looks really cool and I want to do their 5k. The reason why I'm attracted to this race and not to others? This is more for fun than super competitive. Since I'd be walking the 5k, this is important to me. The other big reason is they give pink stuff to their competitors. I know it's a silly reason, but I love pink.

The race is called Run Like a Diva. There are pink T-shirts, pink tutus (I'll admit I don't care about the tutu), tiaras, pink boas, and cool medals for finishers.

I have entering one of their real races in 2017 as one of my goals. They have a time limit on completing each mile of the race because of road closures and I need to build my speed up another half a mile per hour or so before I can do it in real life.

But they released a virtual race and I signed up for that! It doesn't give all the super cool stuff that a real race gives to entrants. No T-shirt, no tiara, no boa. But I can do it in my neighborhood or on a treadmill and my speed won't be an issue. (I do about 3.5 miles per hour and I'd need to be around 4 mph for this race.) I already walk more than 5k on many, many days, so distance has never been a problem for me.

I am ridiculously excited about doing this. It's kind of a mini-goal, a step on the way to my goal of participating in a real, live, in-person race.

***I have received no compensation of any kind whatsoever from anyone to discuss this topic/race/company. All opinions are my own.***

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Happiness 911

I was listening to a podcast a while back that talked about using music when you need to feel happier. The two hosts went on to talk about several of the songs that perked them up and I thought this was a super cool idea. Their only rule was that Happy by Pharrell could not be one of the songs--I guess because it's too obvious.

This is kind of a cool exercise. I'm very aware that music and mood go together. On a Friday afternoon, when I'm driving home from work, I don't want dark, heavy music because it doesn't fit how I'm feeling. I want light, happy, upbeat songs. In movies, the score is very important to driving tension and mood. Maybe it's just me, but I'm usually not consciously aware of music in movies very often, but when I pick up the soundtracks later (I like instrumental music sometimes when I write), I'll notice how very fitting each song is to the corresponding movie scene.

So my happy songs, the ones I play when I need a pick-me-up:

Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves
Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant
Knock on Wood - Amii Stewart
Rebel Yell - Billy Idol

There are more, but they're not coming immediately to mind.

I have a lot of 80s songs on my list and that's because--overall--80s music is happy music IMO. Even the songs that are slower and supposed to be ballads feel happier to me than a lot of the music that came out later. And this is actually one of the reasons why I still listen to so much music from that decade--I want music that makes me happy. The titles listed above are simply the songs that make me happier than my usual mix.

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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Thanksgiving Shopping Surprise

In the evening on Thanksgiving Day, I did some online shopping. One of these stores was having door busters and there was one I wanted. Yes, it was planner related. I'm so bad about my planners. I put it in my cart and continued shopping. I never expected them to sell my copy out from under me!

Yes, my Thanksgiving shopping surprise was not a good one.

I always thought that once you put something in your cart when you shopped online that it belonged to you unless you left your cart idle for too long. I wasn't idle. I was shopping for more items to buy because, you know, sale. Then I go to check out and I get a message that one of my items is out of stock and I'm like, no it isn't. The store wouldn't let me order anything out of stock.

I saw there was one item that I accidentally had two of. Maybe that was the problem. I changed it to one, but I still had the error message.

Another item had a link with the message "Edit item." This must be my culprit. I switched colors. Nope, still had the error message even with the new color. I deleted the item all together thinking that maybe both colors were out of stock. Nope.

Frustrated and unable to check out, I start opening items. It was the first one, the item I wanted most of all, that I had put in my cart first thing in the shop. It now had an "out of stock" message.

This aggravated the hell out of me. Should I have ordered that one item immediately and then gone back to shopping? And paid shipping TWICE? Grr. It never occurred to me that they would sell the copy I had in my active shopping cart out from under me. Massive fail. Massive.

WTH, Michaels?