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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Lost and Found

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd lost one of my earbuds and had to buy a new pair. The picture on the left is my new set. Well, guess what I found last week? That's right, the missing earbud.

It's so weird because I kept checking around my desk at work, but never saw it and couldn't figure out where it could have gone. I never expected it to be as weird as it was.

I've been using a plastic grocery store bag to haul my lunch to work and my dirty containers home each evening, but I don't like them sitting out on my counters, not even overnight. So I've been jamming them back into the plastic bag holder I have attached to the cabinet door underneath my sink.

Apparently, I'd been grabbing another bag all the while, and when it tore too much to use, I took another bag from the holder. I put my lunch in it and put it in my refrigerator, and when I got to work, I put it in the fridge there, too.

After I finished lunch, and was putting my stuff away, I spotted something in the bottom of the bag. My earbud!

I wasn't sure what all that refrigeration did to it, but I figured I'd charge it when I got home and then test it out. My earbud had another idea.

When I got to my car, I put on a podcast for the drive home and I couldn't hear it coming out of my phone, but I was hearing something. Yes, that's right. The earbud had connected to the phone. It works! Of course, now I have a new set of earbuds which I like so much more than the old set. I guess I'll just keep a pair everywhere?

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Wicked Deception: Official Cover Reveal

With slightly less than six weeks to go before the release of Wicked Salvation, I thought it would be a good time to do a cover reveal for the final book in this arc, Wicked Deception.

Wicked Deception is Kyle's story. You met him in Finn and Zo's book and he plays a much bigger role in Griff's story, so you'll get to know him much better.

It's funny because I didn't know what Kyle was like either. Not really. Until Griff's story. His personality took me by surprise. He's a smart ass and he likes to stir things up to entertain himself. And despite this, he's very good friends with Ryder, Finn, and Griff.

I've written one scene in Kyle's book and he's not being a smart as now, so there are more depths to him that I have to discover. I'm excited to see where his story takes me.

BTW, Wicked Deception is the end of the weapons arc, and will wrap up that storyline, but I have an idea for another four-book Paladin League arc and hope to work on this after I finish Kyle and his heroine.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Test Planner Update

If you've read this blog for a while, you know I'm a fan of paper planners. I need them in order to stay on track. I've also blogged in the past about my favorite planner. And that they keep tweaking it every year and taking real estate away from the part of the page I need the most.

The 2020 version of this planner was perfect. 2021 was something I could live with, but when they did the preview for midyear (which is a good indication of what the 2022 planner will look like) I was disheartened.

Not only did they take space away from the part of the daily page I use the most and need the most room to fill in, what they added made their planner too much work.

Sure, I could just skip it, I don't have to fill out everything, but I'm too obsessive and would fill forced to do it all. Also, it doesn't fix my problem with losing space in the area where it's most crucial for me. I think I might have blogged about this before.

So I've been test driving a different brand of planner. I picked up the midyear from this company and have been running two planners--my official planner and the test planner--since July 1.

The good news is that I could move to this new planner if I need to. I actually like their weekdays because they have little boxes that I can use to record my workouts and other things. But.

But their weekends share a page like they do in my current planner and they're even more scrunched because this planner is trying to include a weekly overview. Which I don't need and don't want. The test planner also doesn't have the built-in water and vitamin trackers that my current planner does or the check box for exercise, which I guess I can live without, but like.

So now I'm eyeing another planner. This one would have challenges, too, like the missing trackers, but I could get full days for Saturday and Sunday with this one. Sadly, there's no way to test drive this one. I'd have to jump in and hoped it worked.

I had planner peace. Why did the owners of the planner company have to keep messing with my planner?

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Countdown Has Commenced

I have a countdown going in my planner, and according to it, Wicked Salvation, releases in 47 days!

As I'm writing this, I'm working on the third round of revisions with my editor. I'll be sending it back to her one more time to make sure I got everything. When she finishes this final run-through, Griff and Cat head to a copy editor to check for grammar, consistency, typos and things like that.

The blurb for the official cover copy is being written now, too. This time, I hired someone else to do it rather than fighting with it myself. Yes, I do have a degree in advertising copywriting. Sigh.

When all the editors are done, then I'll format the story for ebook and paperback. This shouldn't be too bad this time. The formatting for Finn and Zo was a pain because of flashbacks and needing to have an anchor point at the front of each chapter. Sometimes even in front of multiple scenes in the same chapter. Everything in Wicked Salvation is current day and picks up where Wicked Intention left off.

Also on the agenda is updating the website. I'll need to update the cover copy to match the final version and I need to put Kyle's teaser up in the Coming Next section.

And, of course, I need to write Kyle's first chapter so it can go in the back of Griff's book. I have one scene written, but there will be two scenes. I'll work on that as soon as I get WS back to my editor for the final round.

Kyle's book, BTW, will be called Wicked Deception.

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Black Paper and Gel Pens

I don't bullet journal, but I have a thing for buying books that were created for bullet journaling. I shared a couple of the more recent purchases in a blog post called The Notebook Problem.

So my latest purchase is a blackout journal, where all the pages are black. Awesomely cool. Except finding a pen I like that can write on black paper has been an experience and a half.

I'm pretty picky about my pens. I've been trying different brands. The G2s I have? Streaky. They make me nuts. In fact, this has been the problem with most of the pens I've tried.

I have a yellow gel pen I like. Sort of. It's a Gelly Roll, but it's a little streaky and the point is 1.0 which is pretty wide for me. I prefer .7 nibs on my pens.

I've tried paint pens--do not like--and I'm accumulating quite a drawer full of rejects.

I was back searching online for another pen to try. There was a deal going on for Art-n-Fly pens in white, so I thought why not. It'll just be another set for the collection.

This pen I like! It's not a clear-cut winner, not yet, but it's in the running. (I have a couple more brands I want to try in the future. I have them wish listed for another day.)

There is almost no information on the package, so I'm not sure of the nib size, but it feels like a .5, which is slightly smaller than I like, but not a deal breaker. The ink flows pretty well with minimal streakiness and it feels good in my hand when I use it.

I really wish I liked the Pilot G2 because it's a retractable and I hate messing around with caps, but sadly, I hate how it writes. I guess I'll live with the caps because the other brands I want to test are also capped.

Oh, well. ::shrug:: At least I finally have a pen to use in my black out journal. Now I just need something to use it for.