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Thursday, June 30, 2022



I've had cracks in my master bathroom tile for a while. I did have someone come out before the pandemic to get an estimate, but they never got back to me despite contacting them several times. And then the pandemic hit and it went on the back burner.

Well, it came off the back burner when I saw there were gaps in the grouting in the shower. Now this is a handle right away problem because moisture back there can lead to mold and I don't want mold.

And now I'm having my master bathroom taken apart and fixed.


The job was bigger (and more expensive) than I expected it to be, but instead of just taking out the floor, sealing it, and replacing it and regrouting the shower, everything has to come out. Everything. I'll be getting a brand new shower, a brand new floor, but keeping my cabinets and counter and tub. All the tile is going. The shower door will be replaced, too.

Part of me is excited to get a bathroom that will be more my style. The one that was in the house when I bought it isn't me. It's done mostly in brownish/beigeish tile and has a very traditional feel. I changed the lights before I moved in and swapped out the toilet paper holder. I kind of wish I was replacing the cabinets and tub, too, but the cost is already more than I wanted to see, so I can live with them. I told the guy doing the restoration that when I bought the house, the only thing in the bathroom that I liked was the counter.

I will do some before and after pictures and talk about it here on the blog. But seriously? Did I need this when I'm trying to get a book ready for release? Wicked Deception is available August 15th.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

A Good Podcast on Organization


And back to podcasts. :-)

But I have a specific reason to return to the topic today. I finally found a organization podcast that gives step by step instructions on how to organize. If you remember a post from a few weeks ago, I was complaining about how none of them really give actionable advice.

This podcast actually had me making notes! And one episode even had the instructions listed in the show notes in outline form.

I've listened to about half a dozen episodes now and can recommend Delcutter Your Chaos with host Amber Cammidge. The link goes to Apple Podcasts.

There's a step by step episode on how to declutter your garage. This is the one that had the steps in the show notes. I took a screen shot on my phone so that I could implement them this fall when it cools off here.

There's a five-part series on how to declutter your kitchen, one episode for each weekday. She breaks it down into bite sized pieces so it's not overwhelming, but doable. There's another five-part series on how to declutter your home office.

Other episodes include how to declutter your wardrobe, what to do with electronic waste, and how to declutter toys and board games. I've got how to declutter the bathroom on my phone, ready to listen to as well as four steps to get rid of the clutter.

She has one quote that I wrote down on my white board at work. I don't remember it exactly, but it was something like: "Without decluttering, organizing is just moving stuff around."

Yes. I have lots of stuff I should get rid of.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Adventures in Tailgating


I hate driving in Atlanta. I find it extremely stressful. The drivers here are far too aggressive and will tailgate at 80 miles an hour on the freeway. Even if the other lanes are completely clear, it's like they refuse to pass.

In Minneapolis, I always drove in the left lane and almost never had to move over for anyone. Down here? I drive on the right and still these jerks tailgate.

I've reached a point where I get angry about it. Especially in the morning. There's not much traffic and there's no reason to ride my bumper. And it was Monday morning and I was crabby anyway, so... But I'm jumping ahead. Let me backtrack.

I'm driving on a highway that has several speed changes. It also has a stretch of three lanes that drop down to two just past a busy intersection. Shortly before this intersection, there's a big speed change. It goes from 50 mph to 40mph. I always slow down for several reasons, but some people don't bother.

I'm driving in the middle lane because that right lane drops off shortly and there's only a few other cars on the road with me. As I approach the speed change, I begin to slow down. Suddenly, there's a car in the right hand lane beside me and I'm like: Whoa! Where did he come from?

And then he cuts over behind me. Riding my bumper because I'm slowing down to the speed limit. The light is green, and I know slowing down might mean I have to wait at the light, but I'm not flying through this intersection. And if the asshat on my bumper doesn't like it, he can go around me. There is a left hand lane for him to use. I was irritated.

I remained at the speed limit despite his pushing me.

That's when my driving app goes off and reports police reported ahead. And I'm like, I bet this guy behind me is a cop. It was dark and I couldn't tell.

We go through the intersection and he finally goes around me. I was right. It's a cop. The guy in the left lane is going close to the speed limit, too, and he doesn't speed up either. The police car cuts back over to the right lane and starts aggressively coming up on the car in front of me.

That driver sped up.

And kept speeding up, pulling farther and farther away from me. I knew this wasn't going to be good, and sure enough, farther up the highway, the cop has the driver pulled over.

I'm not sure if the driver slowed down or not at that speed change. They might not have and maybe that's why the cop sprang out from wherever he was. Maybe the driver was using their phone and the officer saw the light? Georgia is a hands-free state. Or maybe he just wanted to give someone a ticket and counted on his aggressive tailgating to cause someone to speed up and I didn't bite. Neither did the guy in the lane next to me, so he kept trying cars until he found someone who did go faster and faster. Or maybe some reason I didn't come up with. Who knows?

I think he was trying to get someone to speed up, though, because of how he tailgated me and I was doing the speed limit or barely over it when he pulled that little stunt. I guess I can be grateful for my attitude--it saved me from a ticket.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Little Notes


One of those organization podcasts I listened to mentioned something about throwing away the little notes and maybe consider using our phone to write them down instead of paper. And then she said, and they don't even make sense when you look at them again.

I was like, hmm. Sometimes they don't, but most of the time I know exactly what I meant even months and months later.

And then I was in my office and a Post-it note got knocked to the floor. I picked it up and I saw the following:


Um, huh? Pepper, and directly beneath it, kick. I have no idea what this means. None. I don't even remember ever writing it, but I did. I might have thought it was a grocery list if there was only pepper listed, but kick throws everything out of whack.

I put the note on my desk and have been looking at it off and on, waiting for memory to strike. It's been a week, nothing has come back to me. I've decided to do what the organization podcast said. I'm throwing it away.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Old Is New Again?

Apologies. Another blog post on podcasts. I'm deep into revisions and choosing the easiest topics for me to blog about.

After I failed to find any new podcasts (I'm not counting the one I used to listen to and forgot about), I looked at the podcasts in my app.

I turned off checking for new podcasts on all of them because when I work from home, I don't usually listen to podcasts. My office is nice and quiet. When I'm forced to go to the office, I listen to podcasts pretty much all day long to attempt to block out the noise and chaos. Open office seating is a bunch of BS.

This was an interesting flashback.

When I turn off the check for updates automation, I frequently go and manually update when I'm looking for something to listen to. Most of these podcasts hadn't been updated since before the pandemic hit.

When I did update them, I discovered some of them have gone defunct. I'm not positive, but I think it's all the podcasts this one new podcast studio produced. They were less than a year old (or barely more than a year old) when the pandemic hit. I don't know. Maybe the new company couldn't survive?

I also ended up deleting a few of these podcasts. If I hadn't listened to them in two plus years, did I really still need to have them on my app?

I should have deleted a lot more, but I knew if I did, I'd forget about them completely (like I did the podcast I mentioned in Tuesday's post) and I didn't want to do that. I am going to make more of an effort to listen to some of them.

Also, I shouldn't have even needed to look for podcasts. I have two on my app that are active downloads that I got super backed up on during the pandemic. One has 60 episodes and the other 80. I definitely have enough to listen to, but I didn't feel like either one of them.