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Thursday, January 17, 2019

I Like Pink

Once upon a time, before I had my website professionally done, I had a lot of pink on the site. Maybe not the best choice since I was writing paranormal action/adventure/suspense romance at the time and pink isn't exactly the most kick-ass color in the world, but I liked it.

And then I saw some women making fun of my website for using the color pink. They weren't my readers, just some random women who somehow found my site and were mocking it.

Why do some people have such a violently negative reaction to pink?

There were no pastels on my site. I don't like pastels. I like bright, in-your-face colors, and if its a fluorescent color, so much the better. This pink was more of a fuchsia shade than anything girly.

I get crap at work from some of the guys for all the pink I have--clothes, tote bags, gym bag. This bright fuchsia shade is my favorite color, no question about it. And I like this pink paired with bright lime green, or a glow-in-the-dark orange (figuratively, not literally glow in the dark). The brighter the better. If you don't need sunglasses, the colors aren't bright enough for me. :-)

No one makes fun of people who are heavily into blue. If my site had been a bright aqua blue instead of pink, I bet no one would have said a word. So what's wrong with pink?

The only guesses I have for this reaction is 1: I'm a romance author and Barbara Cartland's over the top use of pastel pink ruined that color for all romance authors or 2: these women were reacting with unconscious sexism. Pink is a woman's color therefore it is less than other colors and totally mockable. Or 3: maybe both options?

I'm not sure what their deal was because they didn't cite why they didn't like my pink, they just made fun of it. Since I've had my website as it is today for years, you can tell how long this commentary has stuck with me. To paraphrase: All I'm saying is give pink a chance. :-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Midnight Misadventures

Our handyman retired and moved to the other side of Atlanta, so we had to find a new handyman. My dad asked a friend of his and he gave us a name and phone number. We needed the smoke detector batteries changed and I had a list of other items that needed to be taken care of and we set up a visit.

Everything seemed to have gone really well. The valance I wanted up over the ugly window was perfectly positioned. The new shower head was good and not dripping. Everything was awesome.

Until around midnight.


I wake up out of a sound sleep.


I mutter a profanity. That damn smoke detector is bitching about its batteries. The one in my bedroom. Gah!

I hear another chirp from the other side of the house. Now I have dual smoke detectors going off every minute or so and--of course!--they're not synchronized. So one beeps there's a pause and the other beeps. All. Night. Long.

The ceilings in my house are high and I'm afraid of heights and there's no way I'm sending my dad up on a ladder. Especially not in the middle of the night when everyone is groggy. I go to my office and grab my noise cancelling headset. After plugging it into my phone, I choose some soothing meditation music, hoping it would help block the chirping.

Nope. That chirp penetrates. There is literally no way to avoid it.

When my dad got up around 7:30, the first thing I say to him is: You can't go back to bed. You have to call the handyman and get him back out here to fix this thing!

My dad agreed. He said he'd taken out his hearing aid and he still heard the chirping all night long.

So what was the problem?

The handyman's assistant didn't take off the film covering the battery and the contacts and points weren't touching because of this.


I mainlined coffee the next day because OMG! Like no sleep. My dad said the kid was embarrassed. As he should be. Even I know better than that.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Paladin League

In 12 days, on Jan 22nd, Wicked Obsession will be released! Cue the happy dance music!

As I mentioned on Tuesday, it's the first book in The Paladin League series. The hero is Ryder Pienkowski. He's half Polish, half Italian, and (according to his heroine) all gorgeous. :-) He's US Army Special Forces and his team works undercover missions--largely in the civil-war torn country of Puerto Jardin.

His mission this time, though, is personal. There's a death threat against his woman and he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Langley Canfield is the daughter of a former US ambassador. She's fluent in half a dozen languages, passable in a few others, and lived all over the world until she returned to the United States to attend college. She volunteers as a fundraiser for The Paladin League.

The Paladin League is a nonprofit organization which issues grants to archaeologists around the world to excavate important sites. At least that's it's public face. :-) You'll find out more about their secret, hidden side in book 2 of the series.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Surprise! New Covers!

It wasn't my intention to change the covers of the books I control in the Blood Feud World series, but life has a way of throwing little surprises our way. After someone pointed out a certain Facebook post to me, I knew I'd have to get new covers for these two books sooner or later.

I was thinking I could wait until after Wicked Obsession was released on January 22nd, but as I looked at my iPad and was searchingfor something to read. Then I saw one of the two covers in question and became pissed off. Decision made. Contact cover designer first thing Monday. I didn't expect her to turn the covers around so quickly, but she had them back to me the same day! How awesome is that?

Of course, this meant my night became devoted to swapping out the covers on my website and at all the booksellers. I have no clue when the booksellers will actually update their websites, but I've done what I could there and now we wait.

So allow me to share my new covers with you:

Blood Feud is a short story and the first entry in the Blood Feud World series. The heroine is a vampire enforcer and the hero is a demon prince. They have a past. It didn't end well and now they have to work together to find a killer before war erupts.

Enemy Embrace is a novella and the fourth story in the Blood Feud World series. The heroine is a vampire slayer and she has her sites set on the fiend who killed her family. The hero is a demon executioner and his target is the same vampire. The only way to defeat this powerful enemy is if they work together, but both have reasons why they don't want to do this.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

The Work From Home Blues

I work from home one day a week. I'm very grateful that my company/department allows me to do this because 1) gas and 2) I hate driving in Atlanta so much. I normally work from home the same day each week barring appointments and my coworkers know this. I also try to handle anything that might crop up the day before so that nothing explodes while I work from home.

However, pretty much every week on the day I'm working from home, at least one of my guys blows up my 1) email 2) instant messenger 3) phone 4) all of the above. Almost every week. For real.

It happened again this past Wednesday.

This was a week I had a doctor's appointment. As I'm sitting in the waiting room, my cell rings. I look at caller ID and it's one of my guys so I answered. He didn't ask me how to renew his airport badge, didn't follow the process, and needed me to approve his request so that he could get his package. I'm like, dude, I'm at the doctor's office. I can't do anything until I get home.

And the thing is that I had been reminding him about this badge renewal for SIX WEEKS! Why did it blow up on a work from home day? Because it always does. He's lucky that he's super sweet and I like him a lot. :-)

When I say something like this happens almost every week, it's not an exaggeration and I don't get these kinds of things happening regularly when I'm in the office. It's not as if email, IM, phone is substituting for them running to my cube. It's rare to have someone stop by with an emergency. But let me work from home? Yeah, Rome is burning that day.