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Monday, October 25, 2004


Now Amazon shows The Power of Two shipping in 24 hours. Semi-EEK moment. I'm supposed to have another week before TPOT is out, but I'm guessing by the time the book actually ships and arrives in people's homes, it'll be close to the Nov 2nd release date. I'm at 3300 on Amazon, but watching numbers there isn't quite as exciting.

Speaking of Amazon rankings, what did they do? I mean, the numbers never made sense, but they were familiar and I could kind of figure out things. Now, my rankings are bouncing around like a ping pong ball and they're exceptionally confusing. They've been having a lot of problems over there. Reviews disappearing, then reappearing, then disappearing again. Some new weird field about customers who shopped for a book also shopped for these books. It took forever to get them to load my cover for TPOT too. I think it was last week, and here the book is showing as shipping today.

The Barnes and Noble rankings are more accurate from what I've been told since they include the brick and mortar stores as well as online sales. My number there jumped to 8100. Sigh. No fun like I had yesterday watching my number go lower and lower.

Work today is really dragging, but I made it to lunch time, and when that's finished, I'll only have 2 hours left to go.

Here's the neurotic writer part. I emailed my proposal this morning and put a return receipt on it. I almost never do that, but wanted to make sure it arrived safely. Here it is, almost 1pm in NYC and no return receipt. So does this mean my email with attachments was lost? That the editor is out today? That he didn't have time to check email yet? That he clicked "no" on return receipt?

These questions are vying neck and neck with, "he's going to hate it." "I deviated too much." "This heroine is too different from my last heroine." And so on. I'd actually rather be focusing on this set of worries than the first.

Still longing for a nap.