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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Chapter Two

I'm beginning to think I'll never finish this chapter. First, I had to go back and do some cutting after one of my friends pointed out some slow areas. Now I have to go back and change something. It all came about because of brainstorming on the synopsis and what I could put in it. Well, for what I ended up with as a general plot, I have to start foreshadowing in chapter 2. So instead of heading straight to work on the synopsis this morning, I'm going to have mess with two. Sigh.

Okay, "straight to work" is relative. As we can all clearly see, I'm writing on the blog and procrastinating again. Let's face it, this freestyle, stream of consciousness writing is a lot easier than fiction writing. And a gazillion times easier than synopsis writing. Have I mentioned I HATE SYNOPSES? Of course, most writers do so this hardly makes me unique. But for seat of the pants writers, it's worse, I think. We honestly don't know what's going to happen until we write it.

Take chapter 2 for example. I have a trap show up there. I had no idea there was a trap! It was a complete shock to me. I had to write it to discover it. And that's what I'd prefer to do with the whole story. Just keep writing and discovering. But I suppose having a general framework isn't necessarily a bad thing.